Facebook Blue Badge Verification: Cost Considerations

Facebook Blue Badge Verification: Cost Considerations

The Facebook page blue badge used to be free for verified business accounts, profiles, and pages, but now it’s going to cost some money to get that blue tick. Zuckerberg might be wanting to make more money as Facebook’s stock prices plummet. He said verifying accounts costs a lot, and so he’s looking to cover some of those costs.

Roughly, it’s going to cost you $12 per month or $140 annually for the little blue badge verification that is similar to Twitter, for both Facebook and Instagram. When Elon Musk bought Twitter last fall, he issued an edict that anyone who wanted a verified account had to pay. So now Zuckerberg seems to be following that playbook.

When Twitter opened up its verified accounts to all users, we saw a huge tidal wave of spam and impersonation, and that caused all sorts of problems. But with Facebook, it’s a little bit different. Zuckerberg said that they are going to use actual government IDs to verify people, but that doesn’t mean that some spam accounts won’t be able to get through. So if you want your facebook page, profile, or business account to have a blue verified meta badge, you’ll be paying around $14 per month.

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