Your Channel lost access to advanced features [Fixed]

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If you ever received an email from YouTube stating, “Your channel has lost access to advanced features,” this may simply mean that the channel you created that is linked to your email address isn’t allowed to use some of the more powerful features that are available to the majority of YouTube channels. This could happen if you violate YouTube’s terms of service or if you simply forget to provide a verification in the Featured Eligibility.

Your channel lost access to advanced features [Fixed]

The daily restrictions for live broadcasts, shorts, and video uploads are increased for verified YouTube channels. The channel has the ability to add external links to video descriptions and live stream urls can be obtained in html format. Your channel’s continued access to advanced features is the reason you were able to accomplish all of this. As all accounts using these services must be verified, these features are important not just for your benefit but also for the safety of the online community.

Follow these steps to fix the issue with “Your channel has lost access to advanced features”

  • Login to your YouTube account using a computer, then go to Studio, in your channel dashboard.
  • Click on Settings, then click onto Channel, and on the right panel, click on featured eligibility.
  • In this panel you will be presented with more features that are enabled, and those which were disable after they lost access.
  • On, advance features, click the drop-down toggle and follow instructions to re-enable it and regain the access back!

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