Vaping Manufacturers recruiting new junkies

Vaping manufacturers recruiting new junkies

Juul has consistently been among the top e-cigarette brands in the United States, particularly from 2017 to 2019. Despite experiencing problems shedding some market share, Juul is still the most popular brand among young people in particular. Young individuals utilizing these devices portray themselves as having fun, and the brilliant colors and powerful effects give them the appearance of having special abilities. Children and young adults have always found the brand to be particularly enticing.

Vaping Juul e-cigarette brands

As far as we are aware, vaping may not be as harmful to your health as smoking. Why should Juul vaping devices be prohibited, and is it true that the government claims it doesn’t want minors to enjoy themselves?


  1. I am surprised! Kids should stop smoking or vape, it’s ok to vape bc it hurts you less, but still don’t do it, it still affects your lungs in someway

  2. Edouard Thomas

    I think people fail to consider that portion of the population would be smoking or using some form of nicotine regardless. Would you prefer the harm reduction or go around spouting that vapes are just as bad as cigarettes? Regulate the chemicals put into the vapes and further reduce the harm associated with vaping and just accept that a portion of the population youths or adults will always use some form of nicotine in one way or another.

  3. Vape is more flavorful and less harmful than smoking. Overall, it’s better to inhale a vapor than smoke.

  4. Had a family member who died of lung cancer, and it is partly related to smoking. So smokers, please take care of your health and stop now.

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