Why Its Mandatory Teachers To Register Tpd Modules?

Why its mandatory teachers to register tpd modules

Teaching both in private and public schools, its now mandatory for all teachers to have registered for tpd modules, Teachers Professional Development. Tsc teachers are required to study in six sessions, each after every 5 years for their certificate to be renewed. They will pay ksh 6000 for each module. Therefore, after 30 years of TPD training, they would have paid Kenya shillings 36,000.


  1. The overall objective of the TPD program is to professionalize teaching by continuously developing and improving teachers’ skills, competencies, and knowledge in line with the 21st Century core competencies aimed at enhancing the provision of quality education.
  2. TPD refers to life-long teacher learning and comprises the full range of educational experiences designed to enrich teachers’ professional knowledge, understanding, and application of the concept throughout their teaching career.
  3. TPD program will afford Kenyan teachers global compliance to acceptable standards as with other professions.

TPD training content is based on the Seven (7) Kenya Professional Teaching Standards (KePTS).

The standards define the work of Kenyan teachers in the context of the 21st century learning, by setting high quality and effective teaching expectations that are meant to improve overall learners’ achievement.

  • KePTS are meant to provide a consistent and supportive framework for measuring effectiveness of Teachers and Instructional leaders against specific competency indicators.

Upon successful completion of the introductory module, a participant shall be issued with a transcript and a certificate. This will be required for the renewal of the Teaching License. All Teachers shall be issued with a Teaching License as TPD commences, Renewable after every Five years.


The TPD programme is delivered through modules intended to equip teachers with professional knowledge, skills and attitudes to address Pedagogy and Content Knowledge using the competency based teacher education model. A Blended Learning approach will be used to deliver the content of the modules. This will entail Face To Face sessions and Online Learning.

  • Face to Face Sessions: The TPD face to face sessions will be conducted in various designated centres located at the sub counties to ensure they are easily accessible and convenient to teachers.
  • Online Learning: The TPD programme will also be delivered online. All the participants will receive the initial training required for online learning.

Other modes of delivery will include:

  • Participation in a country network of teachers to create a community of practice among teachers.
  • Follow up observation visits to schools by university teacher educators to provide feedback and support.
  • Mentoring and peer observation.

TPD courses are divided into modules and chapters (units).

  • Introduction module: Has five chapters and takes one year to complete (1 Year)
  • Level 1 Module: Has 5 chapters and each chapter takes one year to complete. Therefore, it takes 5 years to complete level one module. The same applies to Level 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Level 2 module: 5 years (5 chapters)
  • Level 3 module: 5 years (5 chapters)
  • Level 4 module: 5 years (5 chapters)
  • Level 5 module: 5 years (5 chapters)
  • Level 6 module: 5 years (5 chapters)

At this moment, Only TSC registered teachers are eligible for TSC TPD training.


  1. These new changes in Education are becoming so expensive and changes are happening over night, even teachers don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

  2. What’s the big picture here with this tpd module? Covid 19 is already gone in Jesus name! If this program is going to be timed during the school break, it would inadvertently lead to many teachers family breaking.

  3. I’m very shocked since when did tsc started to make laws? If paying will make you become professional, then the poor will be left out. This is going to be a huge burden!

  4. If these modules trainings are important, its better they could start from colleges and universities. Like many of my colleague are nearly for retirement, how will this benefit them? It doesn’t make sense at all

  5. The methods of teachings did change as how the world is moving but that is not something that would cost a lot and to make teachers move all the way to nairobi for training. At least it should be online because we are also trying to teach in the ways of today. This is the kind of training we expect for the teachers to undergo

  6. TSC should cover all these costs if they are looking for professional teachers, KSH 6,000 is too much and most teachers Payslip are at zero. I don’t see any who would come out of the blue paying this amount when there are loans to pay. It should be FREE as something they would be getting as part of the education!

  7. It’s interesting to follow up these updates on how education and technology is rapidly transforming Kenya

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