What Is Fentanyl And Why Are People Using It

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Fentanyl was the most potent opioid painkiller used in medical therapy prior to its recent ban in the United States. Given that it was roughly 150 times stronger than morphine and 70 times stronger than heroin, medical professionals believed that fentanyl was safe when administered in a controlled medical environment by prescription holders as patches on the arm and as injections.

What is fentanyl and why are people using it

The issue with fentanyl is that it is still being used illegally by people who struggle with substance use disorders. They can buy the medication under other names, including China Girl, Goodfellas, Apache, Tango, Great Bear, and Poison, and use it similarly to other opioid drugs to experience effects including relaxation and pain relief by stimulating opioid receptors.

Over time, those who use fentanyl get tolerant to it and must use it more frequently or in higher dosages to have the same results. Additionally, because their bodies have grown accustomed to fentanyl and depend on it to feel better, they may develop an addiction to it, and they might develop withdrawal symptoms if they stop using it. Fentanyl, even when prescribed, is lethal because of its dependency and adverse effects due to addiction, as a small amount of it can cause an overdose!