What Are Health Benefits Of Smoking Tobacco?

What are health benefits of smoking tobacco

Most people mainly discuss the negative impacts of tobacco use, but today we may learn about the positive effects it has on our health.


  1. Its a holy herb! A powerful virtue in treating ulcerated abscesses, sores, and many other ailments.

  2. The only thing I’ve witnessed with my parents using tobacco is that breathing in the odor of fresh green leaves from the plant can relieve persistent headaches.

  3. There are many medicinal uses of tobacco, like how the leaves can be applied for the relief of pain and to heal wounds and burns. Also, it stops bleeding when placed on cuts

  4. There’s a story about this famous herb. During the 15th century, the King of Portugal was very certified with the healing tobacco herb and happy with the outcome. So when he heard of two ladies in France who had carcinomas for which no cure could be found, he sent the herb to King Francis II, and healing was reported after ten to twelve days. Similarly, complete healing was described after eight days of treatment for a woman who had her face covered with ringworm. When a cook in the household nearly cut off his thumb with a chopping knife, the steward ran for the tobacco plant and bound the thumb back on; after five or six dressings of the same sort, the wound healed. But all these uses involved the external application of tobacco leaf and its juice.

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