Warriena Wright’s Final Hours With Gable Tostee

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Warriena Wright’s last hours at Gable Tostee’s Gold Coast apartment were captured on an explosive audio recording that was released in court. It showed the New Zealander to be inebriated and violently aggressive toward the man who is accused of killing her. Over three hours of profanity-filled footage feature Ms. Wright becoming aggressive and lashing out at Tostee, who is heard repeatedly trying to calm her down. At one point, Ms. Wright’s legs are seen dangling off the balcony as she tries to descend from Tostee’s balcony to the level below but loses her grip.

Warriena Wright’s final hours with Gable Tostee

While on a two-week vacation in Australia, Ms. Wright met the 28-year-old carpet layer who was living in his father’s Surfers Paradise condominium. The couple had spent the evening of August 7 in the apartment drinking and having sex. Following one last fight, Tostee locked her off his balcony and she fell 14 floors to her demise.

According to the neighbor who lived downstairs, she was awakened by what sounded like furniture being hurled around the flat above her. She then heard a terrified woman sob, saying, “No, no, no.” When she opened her own balcony door, she saw Ms. Wright’s legs hanging in front of her. She then watched in terror as she dropped, cutting her balcony rail in the process and landing on the driveway below where her severe head injuries caused her death.

When the recording of Gable Tostee and Ms. Wright was played for the jury on Monday in the dock of the Brisbane Supreme Court, the 30-year-old showed no signs of emotion. All that was heard on the tape was him adding her too much to drink.