Unsolved Case Of Dino Dibra: $100,000 Reward

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Dino Dibra’s tragic tale begins with being ambushed outside of his Krambruk West Street Sunshine home. As a car rolled its window and approached, he was shot numerous times. All of these problems that started out years ago in small-scale personal disagreements and had been played out in murder and those gunmen, Andrew Veniamin, and it’s also conceivable that Paul Kallipolitis had been there.

Unsolved case of Dino Dibra: $100,000 reward

The Purana Taskforce openly claimed that Andrew Veniamin killed Dibra, but they never brought any charges against him. His murder is still unsolved case as of this date, and a $100,000 reward is still unclaimed. Dino Dibra’s grieving parents, Ramiz and Vijolca, and two sisters, Sebije and Violetta, appeared in court and pleaded for more details, claiming they can’t move on until the murder is one day solved. The police, however, claimed that it was unlikely that they would ever be able to solve Dino Dibra’s case because he had been shot during the heat of Melbourne’s gangland conflict in 2000.

Judge Hinchley reassured Dino Dibra parents that if further evidence comes to light, the coronial investigation can be reopened. The $100,000 is still available and would only be paid if the information provided leads to a conviction.