Tim McLean stabbed in Greyhound Bus Canada

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Tim McLean stabbed in Greyhound bus Canada

Tim, a 22-year-old employee of the carnival, was returning home after work. He got on a Greyhound bus and took a seat near the window at the back. He was worn out from his shift at Alberta. Before he arrived home, the trip would take him roughly 22 hours. To pass the time on the lengthy trip, Tim took some music and headphones. Along the Trans-Canada Highway, the Greyhound bus rolled. When Vince Li pulled out a knife and started stabbing Timothy Richard McLean who was seated next to him on the bus, an otherwise routine trip turned deadly without notice. Along with the other terrified passengers, the terrified bus driver drew the vehicle to the side of the highway and fled. The passengers exited the vehicle and stood passively as they watched Li kill McLean. After making an effort to leap out of the bus’ window, Li was eventually caught. The main concern on everyone’s mind following such an abrupt and severe attack was: Why? McLean was attacked without being provoked. By all accounts, McLean was a likeable guy, and the two had never met or displayed any prior hostility. On that particular day, McLean, who was working on organizing his life, was traveling by bus to his new residence in British Columbia.

Vince Li was found not guilty of a crime by the judge because of mental disorder. The judge based his decision on the testimony of a forensic psychiatrist who did not actually witness the chaos aboard bus 1170. Justice was not served to the McLean family. They were ejected from the trial of a monster that tore apart and devoured portions of an innocent man in order to take pieces of them from them. They ought to have been given the opportunity to at least express their viewpoint, but it wasn’t.

The court then assisted Vince Li in changing his name to Will Baker and proclaimed him to be completely stable and capable of living on his own. He was unobserved and free as a result! Yes, I’m not joking. On the plus side, he publicly beheaded and ate a man on a bus. He had boarded the bus carrying a weapon and plastic bags, fully intending to carry out his plans for the day. Some of the bus passengers are still emotionally affected by what they witnessed that day. And my guess is that they never will. Not entirely. How could you possibly? Even some of the police officers and emergency personnel who responded that day are still struggling with the post-traumatic repercussions of what they witnessed. And the entire Tim McLean family was commanded to pray and work for the justice of the evil on that bus who killed their angel. Consider for a moment if it was a member of your family. How could you think this through?

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