The Killer Who Thought Police Were After Him And His Plan Backfired

In the late night hours on Tuesday 3rd of November police in new jersey were visited by the mother and a co-worker, 18 year old Emmy had failed to return from her job a nearby mall. Emmy’s mother told police that her daughter worked at the dress store 2 nights a week. She was on her high school cheerleading team and was saving to go to college to become a chiropractor. Emmy’s co-worker said that Emmy helped her lockup which was around 9:30pm and they were among the last at the mall. When Emmy failed to return home, her mother went to the mall to look for her and her car was the only one in the lot and her keys were in the ignition. Emmys book pack, purse and wallet were all on the seat but there was no sign of her daughter. Frantic the mother called Emmy’s co-worker. The two didn’t know where else to turn.

Police responded to the mall parking lot with a canine handler to track Emmy. Her sent trail went cold two parking spaces away. Evidently she left the mall with someone else but who? The parking lot yielded no clues. Neither the car but that was about to change. Two days later on thanks giving day a man out for an afternoon walk in a secluded area of new jersey made a startling discovery. The lifeless body of a young woman he fled the scene and call police. Responding police found the victim laying in abandoned on water retention tank and from the description, police knew they had found Emmy! She had suffered multiple stab wounds. The body was removed and sent off for further analysis.

The autopsy had a little more information to offer. The victim had been stabbed repeatedly and had most likely bled to death. There were indications that she had also been sexual assaulted but no biological evidence was found. Fibers and bit of figs clang into her boots and clothing her the only potential evidence collected. Hoping for more information police returned to the mall to question other employees. One woman stated that she left the mall at around 9pm she saw a creepy looking man just sitting there in his car. She thought the vehicle was an old chevy and she only caught a glimpse of the man’s face. She could not offer police a detailed description. Police knew that they would have to work quickly!

But two weeks after Emmys murder, a track driver parked at a rest stop 20 minutes from Emmys mall was jolted from his sleep. A terrified young woman was begging for help! She was bleeding badly and barely clinging to life. The track driver called the police. Although she lost a lot of blood, the 25 year old girl was still conscious when the paramedic came. She told authorities that less than 1 mile from her home, a car forced her off the road. Fearing the driver of the other vehicle had hurt on the accident, she went to see if he was okay but he brandished a knife and forced her into his car, an old chevy. He drove her to the rest stop and sexually assaulted her and then stabbed her repeatedly. The 25 year old girl would not survive her injuries. She died at the hospital but not before giving a description of her killer. Police were driven to find the killer before the killer finds victim number 3. But then a call came in, there had been another stabbing.

This time the victim was a man, but the details were familiar. 34 year old James told police while he was driving, he was pulled over by an early model chevy with a flashing blue light on the dash. The driver of the other car pulled him out of his vehicle and stabbed him. James fought of his attacker and fled to his mother’s house. His description of his assailant resemble the murderer at large. To police James was fortunate his wounds were not serious. An ambulance came to take him to the hospital. Before leaving he gave police permission to examine his car for any trace evidence his attacker might have left. Hopefully to find evidence linking this incident to the own solved murders, examines thoroughly vacuumed the car. It was an early model chevy the same type described by the witnesses of the previous two murders. Thinking it may be just a strange coincidence, police took at a closer look at the tyres. James vehicle was link to the 25 year old girl who was murdered a few weeks before. The killers third victim became in the investigations crime suspect.

To be absolutely certain that the Tyres match, the Tyres in question is rolled on what is essentially a giant ink pad leaving an impression in its entire thread circumference on a length of white cardboard.

Tyres threads match

After completing this process on James chevy, a negative transparency of the Tyre impression found at 25 year old girl adaption site then the two photos were compared. After 24 hours of scrutiny, police had found what they had been looking for and they were able to make a positive identification. They were many cuts, and tires in the Tyre that were unique to that Tyre only! That proved James car was at the scene. The information was enough for the police to obtain a warrant. James was still in the hospital but arrested for murdering the 25 year old girl.

When confronted with the Tyre evidence, the suspect admitted making a sharp turn on that stretch of highway but not at the time of the murder. Although the police did not believe him the evidence was only circumstantial. Police had to look for another way to build their case and not just for the murder of the 25year old girl but also for the murdered 18 year old Emmy. They wouldn’t need to go very far. The fiber found in James car were compared to the fibers found on both victims. Despite all evidence against him, James maintained he was not the killer. He pointed to his stab wound as proof.

self inflected stab wound

The severity and the angle suggested that it was self inflicted. James thought the police were after him which they were not and his plan backfired on him. For the murders that took place, James was sentenced to 95 years in prison. James was difficult to apprehend because his random victims had no connection to him.

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