Shocking As The Bolt Driver Flashes His Pants At A Woman

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A popular video that has gone viral and been making the rounds on social media features a bolt driver unzipping his private pants on a female passenger. She got startled by the driver’s action, gave him the command to stop the car, and halted the vehicle. “Why are you undressing?” the woman questioned the driver. She said, “Drop me there,” gesturing to her buddy who was seated in the rear, “Sally! Exit the car, this man is naked.” Then she gave the driver the command to stop.

Shocking as the bolt driver flashes his pants at a woman

Following the release of the obscene video of the taxi driver on the X platform by former governor of Nairobi Mike Sonko, Bolt responded by declaring that the driver had undergone the appropriate process and was not allowed to use the Cab-hailing app for any services. Bolt said that they will not tolerate such behavior from their drivers and that they value the safety of their clients.

The bolt drivers have faced criticism for their repulsive actions before. In the case of now HIV-positive Evaline Ndinda, she chose to have a one-night fling with a bolt driver in order to get paid 15,000 Ksh. All she could do was go to bed with the cab driver, who she subsequently found out was the “15,000 Ksh man.”

It’s deeply concerning to hear about these incidents involving Bolt drivers. Ensuring the safety and respect of passengers should always be a top priority for any transportation service. It’s commendable that Bolt has taken swift action in response to such behavior, but it’s also important for them to continuously review and improve their screening and monitoring processes to prevent similar incidents in the future. It’s also crucial for individuals to prioritize their own safety and well-being when engaging in any interactions with strangers, especially in vulnerable situations.