President Ruto speech: Colonialism was Wrong

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President Ruto speech: Colonialism was wrong

We broke colonialism in our continent and we broke the chains of colonialism because they were imposed on us without our WILL, without our WISH. They were undemocratic. They were not participatory. They were against majority Will of the people in our continent’s. Whether it’s the Portuguese here, portuguese in Mozambique or British in Kenya; these were Wills that were imposed on our people without their consent.

Our position is that and democratic, unconstitutional imposition of the Will in any government of whatever nature, on the people without their consent is wrong the same way colonialism was wrong. Africa can only proceed into the future if we allow the people of our countries and of our continent to determine their destiny and to choose their leaders in democratic memes.

The way you do here in Mozambique and the way we do in Kenya and the way it’s done in many parts of our continent; and therefore as a union in the Africa union we’re against any and democratic removal of any government coups are not a fantasy, are not a solution in the challenges that we have as a continent.

They are as a democratic as the colonial masters and we’re taking a very firm position as a nation as Africa union any undemocratic removal of any government immediately ANS the expulsion from the Africa union. Is ceased to be members of the African union, and as i said EKOAS which is part of the building blocks of the Africa union is handling the case for example in Niger. IGAD is handling the case in Sudan because we believe that we should be able to provide a solution as leaders in this continent on matters that concern all our countries.