Congratulations for what you are to bring,
And am happy for your Blessing,
In African way of honouring such,
We give back into life for getting to our reach,
And I feel for your happiness,
It now creates a sense of Oneness;

I know it’s making you to be Joyous,
For the newly to come is one precious,
And That Soon you’ll be a Mother to someone,
Will be a lesson to those who disown,
Am with you in the waiting,
For Your success is promising;

As for the soul that you are carrying,
Is a start of a beautiful journey in the making,
It is truly about to be a new entity in life,
In appreciating you for being this tough,
For The world will be a better place still,
And You are going to stand without a fall;

In your course towards the end,
May the Almighty Allah grant u peace of mind,
And wipe all forms of witchery,
That you get to a safe delivery,
And all along,
You’ll be able to remain strong;

For as long as am thinking,
You deserved this poem and a song,
And On my very own mind,
I know it’s happiness that you will find,
Therefore without furthering my sentiments,
Let me fully Congratulate you in these prints.

Credits to: RealEnRi