PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ValueError [Solved]

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught ValueError: Path cannot be empty

If you encounter a fatal PHP error: Unrecoverable ValueError When a path cannot be empty, it typically signifies that your system attempted to upload the files, but it was unable to do so because of a size restriction. I have typically seen this come from the registration form when the post maximum size is less than the size of the file the user is attempting to submit, this might be pictures.

You will need to increase the post maximum size for upload in order for it to function properly. It can be done by going to your control panel, choosing Multi PHP INI editor, choosing the problematic domain, and increasing the file upload size or you can create a new file in your root directory php.ini and add upload_max_filesize = 40M. In most cases, this will fix the error.

Increasing the upload size in `php.ini` can be beneficial when dealing with larger files, such as images or videos, that need to be uploaded through a PHP-based web application. This allows users to share or upload larger files without encountering server limitations. However, it’s also important to consider server resources and potential security risks when making these adjustments to your php website.

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