How Online Pharmacies Are Evolving In Kenya

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As the medical business evolves and online pharmacies replace physical pharmacies, Kenya is the first nation in Africa to get approval from internet search engine Google to run pharmaceutical advertisements across the tech giant’s platform. The approved pharmacists can now sell prescriptions directly from their website and boost sales on Google without need of pharmacy store.

How online pharmacies are evolving in Kenyaa

Local medical supply stores have been vanishing during the past ten years. The inventory of any remaining shops may be restricted because internet pharmacies nowadays have made life easy by delivering the medication you or a loved one requires right to your door. The only requirement for Kenyan pharmacies seeking approval for serving ads on Google searches, such as MyDawa, is that they register their businesses with the appropriate pharmaceutical authorities.

The approved list of 24 countries maintained by the tech company now includes 12 from Europe, including Germany, Russia, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Czech, Denmark, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, and 5 from Asia, including China, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. For the Americas, the list includes Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and Canada; for Oceania, it includes Australia and New Zealand.

Now Kenyans won’t have a hard time obtaining medicine online; in fact, it will be easier than scouring physical drug stores for your prescription. You may shop from the comfort of your home, and you won’t ever have to leave it to go anywhere or drive. Additionally, you will have complete control over the prescriptions you buy from online pharmacies. The same cannot be said for your neighborhood drugstore, where anyone in line behind you may hear and see what you are buying. This is also a sizable possibility for reputable pharmacies to build platforms and participate in this new technology movement.