KenyaTalk rebranding sustained a huge loss

KenyaTalk rebranding sustained a huge loss

Rebranding a website can lead to significant losses for several reasons. Firstly, loyal users may struggle to adapt to the new brand, causing a drop in engagement and retention. Additionally, the investment in rebranding, including design, marketing, and technical changes, can be substantial. Search engine rankings may also be affected, impacting organic traffic. Misalignment with the original brand’s values might alienate the existing user base, resulting in a decline in trust. Overall, a poorly executed rebranding strategy can lead to both short-term financial setbacks and long-term damage to the brand’s reputation.

For a variety of reasons, a firm could want to change its identity, but managers should steer clear of rebranding because it is risky. One forum that sustained a huge loss is Kenyatalk often known as Kijiji, was put into production when the administration opted to rebrand it without consulting the loyal users.

As a result of this action, regular users quit the forum because they found it difficult to navigate the new design. In addition to the intricacy of Kenyatalk’s new design, it’s possible that over time, the SEO of the well-known page’s suffered from keyword cannibalization because, once you have high-performing content, maintaining the URLS is crucial for SEO pillar.

404 webpage error after rebranding

404 errors on URLS
There will be a rise in 404 errors as a result of the change in URL structure that occurs when a website is rebranded. Visitors might not be aware that you’ve altered the URLS if you don’t design a personalized 404 page. The best advice to all webmasters is to launch something fresh as opposed to completely redesigning the website because you do need a clear action plan to lessen the likelihood of losing organic traffic.

Furthermore, abrupt changes in website design or functionality during rebranding can confuse users, leading to a temporary decrease in user satisfaction and increased support demands. Communication breakdowns about the rebranding strategy may exacerbate the situation, leaving users uncertain about the purpose or benefits of the changes.

Rebranding may also disrupt established marketing channels and partnerships, affecting promotional efforts and revenue streams. If the new brand identity fails to resonate with the target audience, customer acquisition may suffer, impacting sales and profitability.

Moreover, a poorly executed rebranding process may encounter technical glitches or downtime, causing inconvenience to users and negatively impacting the website’s reliability. Inconsistent branding across various platforms can dilute brand recognition, making it challenging for users to identify the revamped website.

In summary, rebranding involves a delicate balance between refreshing a brand and maintaining user trust. Failure to carefully manage this process can result in a substantial loss of users, revenue, and overall brand equity. Thorough planning, clear communication, and a deep understanding of user expectations are crucial to mitigating potential losses during a website rebranding.


  1. I had no idea that so many of us had been members of Kenyatalk in the past. The most crucial element of web design, in my opinion, is simplicity, and only tech guys are the main users of the new look sio ya wanakijiji

  2. If the website was going to be amended, the members should have been informed beforehand rather than after the fact. In my perspective, that is where they went wrong.

  3. It’s not that bad when you toggle the night mode but alot has to be done on the interface.

  4. It is preferable if they return to the previous interface but real issue is that the administrators never take into account what its users have to say, which is why people lost interest.

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