Although maintaining a child’s blood sugar level in a healthy range can be more difficult than it is for an adult with type 1 diabetes, it is unavoidably demanding and possibly upsetting for the parents who must supervise the process. The good news is that the administration of the condition is gradually going toward closed loop systems, in which the quantity necessary is forecasted by AI on an app and the administrator incident is done automatically via a pump.

One of those developed programs is known as CamAPS FX. It takes measurements from the skin, processes them for a few minutes, and then releases into the body the right number of enzymes to keep glucose levels under control. It is a sophisticated, user-friendly Android software that uses an advanced adaptive hybrid approach to manage glucose levels in people 1 years of age and older.

How type 1 diabetes can be managed with closed loop systems

CamAPS FX, combined with a glucose monitor and insulin pump, acts as an artificial pancreas, automatically adjusting the amount of insulin it delivers based on predicted or realtime glucose levels. It is a hybrid closed loop system, meaning that the child’s carer will have to administer insulin at mealtimes, but at all other times the algorithm works by itself. Very young children are extremely vulnerable to changes in their blood sugar levels. High levels in particular can have potentially lasting consequences to their brain development. On top of that, diabetes is very challenging to manage in this age group, still creating a huge burden for families.