Gustavo Petro victory had many loyal supporters

Gustavo Petro victory had many loyal support Colombia

Gustavo Petro victory was for many even his most loyal supporters a moment that was hard to believe! He told the country that the history they were writing now was a new history for Colombia, for latin America and for the world.

“Historiam quam scribimus nunc eam novam historiam pro Colombia”

This victory marks important moment for Colombia not just because his Colombia first Leftists leader, but along side him on stage is his deputy Francia Marquez, first black person to become vice president.

A victory for minorities too, but as the euphoria subsides reality bites. The new president and his deputy face enormous challenges in the country, but despite his challenges Colombia has long been a key U.S partner in the region.

The Americans may also be alarmed with the elections in countries like Peru, Chile and Argentina which have also tilted to the Leftist. Does the results in Colombia fit into a wider regional of rejection of conservative politics or just a desire to put up the encompass? Who is Gustavo Petro? A left leaning radical or a pragmatic centrist? At a mid turbulent times for global economy, can he keep up his promises to deliver a brighter safer future for all Colombians?


  1. This is an amazing time in the history of Colombia. Its true it won’t be easy, it will be a challenge because the opposition party is very strong but is a big opportunity for them to work all together for a better country.

  2. Absolutely beautiful to see democracy at work. After many years of having to deal with corrupted governments pushing their agendas they have an opportunity to become a powerful nation that protects nature, so valuable for the world. I hope they will finally achieve peace.

  3. Jonathan Hayden

    Because of his education and social agenda, we can very much hope that Colombia will, with time, leave the corrupt, patriarchal, consequential, and crime-ridden society and meet the modern Latin American society to prosper.

  4. Dudu Duroni

    16/01/2023 at 12:35 AM

    The story of more than half of the people in Colombia is the story and History of an oppressed nation. They’re more like a Federal State than a modern Republic.

  5. Isn’t this what Venezuela just went through? How did that turn out?

  6. Dylann Magowan

    I basically have no objection to all that, though I think it applies to the US as well, but it also doesn’t answer any interesting or specific question – why now and what will happen now in the particular context of today.

  7. Edouard Thomas

    It is very different from Venezuela, Petro is not a character like Maduro and his policies resemble more policies proposed by people like Bernie Sanders, but the right wing Media even labelled him as a communist like Donald trump!

  8. Sara Deshpande

    Living in canada those promises he made seemed rather mind blowing for a country like Colombia who doesn’t have the economical power to sustain them, compared to canada who difficultly manages to sustain the promises he made that are a reality here.

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