Avoid These Things When Visiting Saudi Arabia

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One of the richest nations in the world, Saudi Arabia is situated in the southwest of Asia and occupies a sizable portion of the Arabian Peninsula that is exclusively Islamic. Saudi Arabia is credited as being the birthplace of Islam because Mecca and Medina are the destinations of the most beloved Islamic pilgrimages. The country is well-known for its oil refineries, big desert area called Rab-al-Kharif, affluent sheikhs, and their regal manner of life. Although there are many fantastic reasons to visit Saudi Arabia, it’s vital to understand that this is a relatively authoritarian nation. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the numerous rules and regulations that must be adhered to before relocating to Saudi Arabia.

Avoid these things when visiting Saudi Arabia

  • Taking pictures
    One such element that frequently leads to arrests in Saudi Arabia is the prohibition against taking photos of specific items, including government buildings, military facilities, and local people. You can take selfies against white walls, but you should abide by this rule and never post them to social media.
  • Sharing posts on social media
    It is strictly banned to criticize the king, government officials, the royal family, or the authorities in Saudi Arabia due to their dominance and rigorous application of Sharia law. The muttawa, a volunteer body of officials, is essential in monitoring and examining whether or not the populace is abiding by Sharia law. No one is permitted to post anything on social media or any other platform that is favorable or unfavorable to Saudi Arabia. You have to keep your mouth shut if you want to live in Saudi Arabia in peace.
  • Loitering
    You should be aware that you are not permitted to travel or stroll on the streets during the hours of prayer when moving to Saudi Arabia. If not, you can be arrested or face further consequences from the Muttawas. Five times a day for 20 to 30 minutes, people pray. Other than hospitals, airports, public transportation, and taxis, everything shuts down during this period. The muttawas patrol the streets during these times. They direct passersby to the closest mosque so they can worship.
  • Worshipping
    It is highly forbidden to propagate any other religion than Islam in Saudi Arabia. If you are discovered publicly practicing any other faith, you will go to jail. Don’t bring any suspicious items, such as literature or religious pictures. You should not try to enter the country with Bibles, photos, or anything associated with any other religion because Islam is the sole religion practiced here.
  • Dressing cord
    This mostly relates to women showing off too much skin, but it also applies to guys wearing shorts, as it’s not acceptable and can get you into serious problems. To stay out of trouble, you should always cover up as much as you can, especially in public. When women leave the house, they don abayas and hizaab, and they are not allowed to drive.
  • Eating Pork Meat
    One of the most important things to avoid doing in Saudi Arabia is eating pork, which is forbidden because the nation is completely Islamic and eating swine meat is regarded as “haraam.” To avoid penalties, it is advisable to follow this rule while you are there.